Wild Australia – The Edge

THE EDGE tells one of the great stories of humankind – the story of discovering and coming to terms with the ancient, complex and fragile world we live in. Australia’s Blue Mountains wilderness is a unique and exquisitely beautiful part of that world.

Showing daily on the giant screen at THE EDGE Cinema in Australia’s World Heritage Blue Mountains

Special screenings can be scheduled for schools & in international languages
(日本語, 한국어, 中国语文)

email : theedge@unitedcinemas.com.au

225 Great Western Highway Katoomba NSW 2780

The landscape is inconceivably ancient. When the Grand Canyon in Arizona was a shallow creek, the cliffs and chasms of the Blue Mountains looked much as they do today. The plateau has been carved into a labyrinth of lost worlds – beautiful and treacherous waterfalls, canyons and underground rivers, carved by streams that lead back into the world as it was ninety million years ago. The Blue Mountains wilderness protects itself from the encroachment of modern society with a formidable barrier of thousand metre vertical cliffs.



“A spectacular movie… taking the viewer into intimate contact with mist- filled valleys and gorges, waterfalls, rainforests and limestone caves… Now to enjoy the sights within reach of only the most intrepid explorers, all I have to do is go to THE EDGE cinema”.
Jim McClelland, Sydney Morning Herald

“Tourists who have never ventured beyond the Three Sisters lookout are taken on a white-knuckle ride through the mountains most incredible sights from the comfort of a cinema seat” Sydney Morning Herald

“The dreamlike experience of drifting along a 300m river gorge develops into an adventure monumentally terrifying and ultimately sublime as the viewer tumbles down a waterfall into a world of mysterious caves”
Lynden Barber – The Australian

“The Edge” is the best argument yet for inscribing the Blue Mountains onto the World Heritage List
(and it won the argument!) – Golong Foundation

“It first seemed ironic that the best views of the wonders of the Blue Mountains would be seen on the giant screen in Katoomba – but how different the experience proves to be. Few visitors to the mountains are going to abseil down the sinuous firefly-lit Claustral Canyon or climb the great open cliff faces. This rather shocking meeting of the real with the virtual is now a must see” Ben Sandilands – Independent Monthly

“A death-defying adventure through some of the most inaccessible places in the mountains”
Andrew Urban – Urban Cinefile

“The Edge is terrific, exciting, exhilarating but more! The profound message about caring for the land was to me like a religious experience. If I was Emperor I would make it compulsory viewing for everyone in Australia” Geoff Cameron – Producer of 60 Minutes