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Autopsy on a Dream

Opera House Sketch

The basement of BBC Television Centre – London 1969

Racks of film cans – thousands of them stretching into the distance. A balding man in a grey dust-coat working his way toward us running his finger along the titles. Finds what he is looking for and pulls it off the shelf.

A large traditional butcher’s chopping block.  The man comes toward us, takes the rolls of film out of the can pops the cores out and places them on the block.  He picks up a large meat cleaver (that we hadn’t noticed before) checks with his thumb that it is sharp then steps back and with a mighty swing chops the roll of film in half. He keeps chopping the rolls into smaller and smaller pieces. It’s quite hard. As he chops we zoom in slowly to the title on the discarded can:

Sydney Opera House – Autopsy on a Dream“.

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