Monthly Archives: May 2003

Making Antarctica

Some notes by John Weiley

If you described the equipment you would like to take on an expedition to Antarctica; light, flexible, easy to operate….you would be describing the antithesis of an IMAX camera.

IMAX equipment delivers images of unmatched clarity, sharpness and size but you pay a price for that…. It is very big, very heavy and very demanding.

Part of the sense of ‘presence’ comes from our use of very wide angle lenses and we have to get those lenses very close to the action…you can’t use long lenses to pull things up close; there are no tricks.

To give you the feeling that you are “really there” we have to actually BE really there…….we cannot give you the feeling that you are falling into a crevasse unless we really do fall into that crevasse. We do sometimes look around and say to ourselves “This is completely insane…” but as any war photographer will tell you, looking through a lens makes everything seem less dangerous.

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